England's Unofficial Anthem - Jerusalem

When the BBC and the ultra-PC football establishment set about turning an (unsingable, except for the chorus) Neil Diamond song into the anthem of English football, they had a very good (or rather, bad) reason for doing so.

Because English football fans were starting to bring the English rugby anthem, Jerusalem, to soccer games too. Especially in the light of their plan to push women's football too, the last thing the elite wanted was for their moronic bread and circuses operation to become a vehicle for Christian patriotism.

So the fans' habit of singing William Blake's ultra-patriotic, totally Christian hymn had to be stamped out. Which is why the Powers That Be went all out to convince fans that they had come up with an alternative. Touching me, touching you? The whole country is touched - with suicidal madness!

Here's a reminder of what they deliberately shoved down the Memory Hole!


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