Edinburgh University Stands for Real Women

To be pro-life involves not only the deepest sympathy for unborn babies, but also support for every other aspect of god's creation - including the innate differences between, and complimentary nature of, Men and Women. This makes the current 'trans' assault on real women not only a war on common sense, the family and femininity, but also an attack on God Himself.

So it is good new to hear that a University of Edinburgh screening of a documentary upholding the reality of biological sex has gone ahead despite repeated intimidation from trans activists and their extreme-left allies.

‘Adult Human Female’, made by filmmakers Deirdre O’Neill and Mike Wayne, was originally due to be shown last December. However, the university cancelled the screening citing safety concerns when students blocked attendees from accessing either the original venue or its proposed alternative.

The University of Edinburgh Academics for Academic Freedom (EAFAF) then rescheduled the event for April, which was cancelled over a second demonstration, before it was eventually shown at a theatre in George Square.


Over 100 trans activists reportedly protested the event, with men shouting abuse at attendees and holding banners displaying the acronym “TERF”. ‘Trans-exclusionary radical feminists’ is used as a slur for women who say it is not possible for men to become women.

In a statement, EAFAF said it was “delighted” the screening finally went ahead but criticised the “harassment” of attendees and lamented that “a major security operation involving dozens of security and police officers was necessary”.

The event featured a discussion panel with the film’s directors and representatives from EAFAF, policy analysis group Murray Blackburn Mackenzie and campaign group For Women Scotland.

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