Drivers Crushed by Clean Air Zones

"You'll own no car and drive nowhere" is the reality of so-called 'Clean Air Zones' for a growing army on UK motorists.

As London's hated Ultra Low Emission Zone expands - leaving thousands of motorists facing £12.50-a-day charges - a new study shows it isn't just drivers in the capital being forced to abandon their cars.

More than a fifth (20.4 per cent) of motorists living in cities with clean air zones - such as Birmingham's CAZ and Glasgow's LEZ - have either sold or are being forced against their wishes to sell vehicles they've owned for years because they fail to comply with the schemes where they live, according to a new poll.

The zones - of which there are nine in England and four in Scotland - are already proving to be significant cash cows. In the last two years alone, they have generated over £400million in fees and penalty charges, a separate report has found.

A What Car? survey of 839 motorists found that nearly 40 per cent of respondents’ vehicles did not meet the rules of their city’s clean air zones.

Of these, almost two in five (18.2 per cent) said they could not afford to pay the daily charges required to drive in the zone, let alone cover the cost of replacing their car or van with something newer that meets the required emission standard.

In addition to Sadiq Khan's ULEZ, there is a growing number of other Clean Air Zones in the UK These include schemes in Bath, Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Portsmouth, Newcastle and Gateshead, and Sheffield.

Scotland's Low Emission Zone (LEZ) is an outright ban on non-compliant cars, with steep fines for those who ignore it.The LEZ is currently being enforced with penalties in Glasgow and three more schemes will be introduced north of the border next year when Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh begin  enforcement of their versions.

Oxford also has its own unique Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ). It bans all vehicles apart from those running solely on electric power. Currently in its pilot phase, this shows more than even the others the real aim of this tax-and-spy tyranny: To force ordinary people off the road completely, leaving plenty of room for the rich who can afford to pay through the nose for electric cars.

No wonder so many of the cameras used to enforce all this are being sabotaged!

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