Does 'Gay' Surrogacy Harm Children? Studies say 'Yes'

More and more homosexual men are becoming fathers through surrogacy. With true Christians, many straight parents, and even some law-makers expressing concern over the trend, a new 'study' claims to show that the practice actually benefits children. For now confined to a single report in the online magazine 'Family Process', the study will no doubt be rolled out widely in pro-'gay' propaganda.

So it is important to understand both the dire flaws in the survey, and what genuinely scientific studies are finding.

The study is entitled "European gay fathers via surrogacy". Its authors claim to find that children born to “gay fathers” who acquired them through surrogacy are not harmed – and further allege that those kids are better off than children born to heterosexual parents.

The credibility of their research, however, is immediately shattered by the authors' admission that they began their study already determined to reach a certain conclusion. The researchers, from the United States, Belgium, and Italy, admit that they “hoped to produce evidence that might dispel prejudice and discrimination against gay fathers via surrogacy among social policymakers, as well as to provide useful, empirically-based insights for clinicians interacting with gay father families.”

They also wrote that “research on gay fathers via surrogacy is urgently needed to enlighten stakeholders creating legislation and regulation that negatively affect these families.” Thus, bias was already 'baked in' to the 'research'.

Additionally, the study was too flawed in its design to provide any meaningful insights into the supposed benefits of so-called homosexual “fathers.”

The researchers recruited homosexual men through LGBT groups and at fertility clinics. But the researchers made an important exclusion that must have skewed their results – the homosexual men filling out the survey had to be in “relationship with the partner or spouse with whom he had originally planned to coparent.” In other words, they excluded typically voaltile homosexual relationships, which would add further instability for the child.

Homosexual respondents to the study were also wealthier and had higher education levels, meaning they could have hired outside help, likely a female nanny, to assist with caring for the children. 

To top it all, the study identified and investigated only a very small number of 'families'. In short, it is of very little, if any, value as a piece of research.

By contrast, there is a growing body of serious research which shows the problems of homosexual men purchasing kids through surrogacy. For example, sociologist Mark Regnerus conducted a comprehensive study that involved the experiences of adults who were looking back on their childhood, including some who were raised in lesbian or homosexual male households.

“One statistic found children of lesbian mothers are nearly 12 times as likely to say they were sexually touched by a parent or adult as those raised in intact biological families,” Asked if they had ever been raped, 31 percent of those raised by lesbian mothers and 25 percent of children raised by gay fathers answered yes, compared to eight percent of those from intact biological homes.

Another study from a Catholic University of America researcher and priest found that children raised in heterosexual families do better. His study included 512 children from same-sex households, whereas most studies purporting to find benefits to homosexual “parenting” used sample sizes smaller than 50.

Fr. Paul Sullins stated:

Since same-sex partners cannot, at least at present, conceive a child that is the biological offspring of both partners, in the way that every child conceived by opposite-sex partners is such, it is hard to conceive how same-sex parents could ever replicate the level of benefit for child well-being that is the case in opposite-sex relationships involving two biological parents.

Fr. Sullins also found that “7.4 percent of children raised by opposite-sex parents have emotional issues, while 17.4 percent of kids raised by same-sex parents have similar issues,” as previously reported by LifeSiteNews. “Similarly, 10.2 percent of kids raised by opposite-sex parents have ADHD and other emotional issues, while 19.3 percent of kids raised by same-sex parents have the same issues.”

Common sense can also show that children raised by homosexuals are at a disadvantage. While it may be considered taboo among academia to acknowledge the problems of same-sex partners raising children, it is still acceptable to discuss the different benefits that children receive from their mom and dad – this is an implicit rejection of homosexual “parenting.”

A 2018 study “found that adolescents living with two biological parents reported higher levels of both family belonging and well-being than their counterparts who resided in married stepfamilies or with single parents.”

While the study used data from the 1990s, and as a result could not reasonably compare results to children raised in homosexual households, it still affirms that children do best when raised by their two biological parents.

These differences can become particularly noticeable when children enter their teenage years. Notably, the homosexuals “fathers” study did not involve any parents of teenagers – the age range was one year to 10 years old. Yet, teenage years bring about a specific change in how children relate to their parents, with teenagers gravitating more to their fathers. For example, a 2012 Pennsylvania State University study, spanning seven years, found that “youths who spent more [one-on-one] time with their fathers, on average, had higher general self-worth, and changes in social time with fathers were positively linked to changes in social competence.”

For years, liberal feminists claimed that children did not need men in their lives, and that women need men, “like fish need a bicycle.” Now leftists are claiming that actually two men can raise kids just fine. Neither position is true, and no academic research could ever disprove the value of a child being raised by his mother and father.

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