DNA Test This Disrespectful 'Prince'

It was THAT mocking 'curtsy' that finally did it for even the most tolerant Brits - and it surely did it for the King and the rest of the genuinely Royal Family.

On her gruesome Netflix show, Meghan Markel grinned broadly as she performed the gesture, bowing her head to her knees, spreading her arms theatrically wide in a display of mock servility. Millions of Britons were left utterly disgusted by this despicable display of disrespect for the late Queen.

So what is the solution to the Harry and Markel problem. Well, it's really VERY simple! A DNA test for Harry. Or, if he is unwilling to co-operate, on some personal possession of his, for which there must be various sources among his possessions left around various palaces.

It's barely necessary, of course, since a mere look at photos of Charles, Harry, and his late mother's flame-haired friend James Hewitt tells us all we need to know: Harry's horrible treatment of his family is at least partly due to the fact that they aren't his family at all.

It's time to end all doubt - and then to cut the fake prince, his ingrate, anti-British racist wife, and their offspring, out of the Royal Family for good!

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