Demographic Winter - Telegraph Wakes Up

We have been warning of the shattering danger of the so-called "Demographic Winter" for years now. Collapsing birthrates and ageing populations are a civilisation-wrecking catastrophe, and its heading our way - big time!

The Daily Telegraph has finally noticed, with a major article, entitled "Europe is in the grips of a birth rate crisis - and Britain is heading the same way" published on 31st October.

The piece starts by looking at the crisis hitting Italy:

"Recently, an apocalyptic phrase has been uttered over and over again by Italy’s political class: “demographic winter”. Almost every year since 1993, deaths in the country have outstripped births, causing a slow-motion crisis which has gradually reached critical mass. 

Italy’s fertility rate is dropping so precipitously that by 2070, the population – currently 59 million – is forecast to fall by almost 12 million to 47.2 million.

The situation threatens to push the world’s eighth-largest economy into an “economic dark age”, without a workforce capable of funding its welfare state and the pensions of its older citizens.

According to new data from Italy’s national statistics agency Istat, its fertility rate is a paltry 0.95 births per woman, the lowest of any region in the country. Officials expect the population of 1.6 million to halve by 2050. 

“The south of Italy needs to be watched because it is a laboratory for what could happen next across Italy and Europe,” warns Istat’s Francesco Gaudio."

Then it goes on to point out that the whole of Europe is in the same sinking boat:

"In fact, the picture across the whole of Europe’s population is bleak, with ominous implications for economic growth as well as pensions, healthcare and social services.

It is an ageing continent: by 2050, the share of people over 65 will rise to around 30 per cent from around 20 per cent today, says the European Commission."

Then it quickly moves on to examine the state of the UK: 

"And we’re not immune here, either. In Britain, the birth rate is at a record low. There were 605,479 live births in England and Wales last year, down 3.1 per cent from 624,828 in 2021 – and the lowest number since 2002.

Almost a third of those births were to women born outside the UK. The ONS has predicted that the UK’s natural population will start to decline in 2025, at which point there will be more deaths than births."

Being the UK's [primary mouthpiece of Mammonism, the Telegraph concentrates solely on the financial reasons for this rolling suicide:

"Surveys show both men and women in Europe wish they had more children. There are many reasons they do not, including the trend towards starting a family later, but perhaps the biggest driving factor is economic uncertainty."

There is, of course, a lot of truth in this, but to ignore the general anti-life tone of modern society is to guarantee that the purely financial 'remedies' the author goes on to write about will have very little impact, even if the ruling elite try putting them into practice, rather than using the low birth rate as the latest excuse for replacement immigration.

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