Dark History of Draq Queen Story Menace

Get ready for an eye-opening deep dive into the history of the controversial Drag Queen Story Hour phenomenon with Laurence Fox. In this video, Laurence Fox investigates the origins of this movement, its impact on children, and the intersection of education and identity politics.

This video is a must-watch for anyone interested in LGBTQ community, gender, sexuality, diversity, inclusivity, tolerance, acceptance, censorship, free speech, social justice, critical thinking, and child development.

That said, Fox does pull his punches and doen't really get to the bottom of where the whole trans 'thing' comes from. For that, we have to go back much further, right back to the Frankfurt School, in fact, which was behind the first 'sex change' operations in Germany in the 1920s. More recenty, this article in The Tablet magazine is also very informative......



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