Cowards and Fools Recruiting for ISIS

It's nothing compared to the largely unrecorded epidemic of anti-white racism and hate, but it's clear that abusive behaviour towards Muslims in Britain is rising. This is largely on account of the waves of propaganda going out on legacy and social media as pro-Zionists attempt to 'justify' Israel's continued slaughter in Gaza.

Of course, some of it is exaggerated by the institutional bias of politically correct authorities,  but it is a fact that anti-Muslim 'hate incidents' have more than tripled in the UK since October 7th. Furthermore, Muslim women are bearing the brunt of this racial abuse and violence.

Of the 535 cases of abusive behaviour recorded - which includes threats, vandalism and assaults - Muslim women were the target of 65 per cent of the attacks. 

While true Christians will instantly recognise such behaviour as wrong and unacceptable, there may be some less thoughtful nationalists and patriots who dismiss this: "They had it coming", "they shouldn't be here anyway", "it's not our problem" - that sort of thing.

We have a duty to go on record and set things straight here: To blame innocent people living in Britain for atrocities which the (fake news) media tell us happened several thousand miles away is unjust and unfair. Even if everything reported about the Gaza fighting was true, then the people to blame would be the Hamas terrorists and their Israeli counterparts, not innocent Muslims or Jews living in Britain.

And, yes, there are many serious and sensible commentators who warn of the dangers of having large and growing numbers of Muslims here, but the fact is that they ARE here. That's the fault of the various elite vested interest groups which brought them here, and the only thing we ordinary folks can influence is how they feel about being here.

Muslim men are extremely protective about their women and girls. Is that some sort of crime or wrong? On the contrary! The problem is not that they protect (and guide and control) their women, but that the indigenous British do not do the same for our own. Our collective failure to do so won't change their minds; indeed, it is one of the biggest sources of the contempt which so many of them feel towards "the West" and Britain. And, sadly, we have to admit - they're right.

As for the idea that abuse and violence directed against Muslim women "isn't our problem", that's even more wrong and extremely dangerous. Because every Muslim community in Britain and Europe has its own fault lines and bitter disagreements. They are not "all the same". Some Muslims are secularised, Muslim in not much more than name. Some follow the mainstream versions of their faith, complete with complex traditional 'interpretations' of the Koran, which compels them to obey the laws of a non-Muslim state in which they live as guests.

At the other end of the spectrum from the secularists are the bearded ones in their weird foreign garb, and at the furthest end of that lot are the hardcore Jihadis. Most of the others regard them as dangerous heretics, and they in turn hate the Koran-interpreting mainstream Muslims even more than they hate us. These divisions are on top of the ancient feud between the Sunni and Shia.

Even within each of the groups listed above, each section of the Muslim population is itself splintered into all sorts of rival clans, factions, political divisions and - despite all the talk about brotherhood between Muslims - tribal, national and ethnic divisions.

Thus "Islam" is riven by internal rivalries, suspicions and hatreds, and it is good for us that it is. Remember that the only reason the heavily outnumbered Crusader states survived for two hundred years was because the neighbouring Muslims powers in Egypt and Damascus were invariably at each other's throats. [This and much more emerges in "Pilgrims of the Sword - the official history of the Knights Templar"]

So if anyone really thinks that ignorant idiots abusing and harassing Muslim women in the street "not our problem", they should understand that every such incident does a little bit more to push three things to happen:

1) It pushes the different factions of Islam closer together. There's nothing like an external threat to make the members of a group bury their internal differences;

2) It reminds the secularised ones of their faith and identity, pushing them back towards it, and makes those who are already 'faith-full' even more defensive, aggrieved and willing to listen to more 'extreme' voices;

3) It makes the arguments of the Jihadists - that Muslims are at war with our society and must get organised to fight in defence of their women and communities, and "in the way of Allah". In other words, to abuse or assault a Muslim woman, or to vandalise one of their homes or mosques, is to act directly as a recruiting sergeant for the likes of ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Of course, all these things are happening anyway, thanks to the decision of so many Western governments, politicians and media outlets to excuse, fund and arm Israel's genocidal war of ethnic cleansing on Gaza. But even small 'attacks' by ordinary civilians have a magnifying effect on the understandable anger caused by such injustice and evil.

After all, governments in Whitehall, Brussels or Washington are a long way away, and many Muslim governments aren't exactly covering themselves in glory over all this either. But hostility at street level, even when its the work of isolated idiots, gives a general impression of wider hostility. And it is such tensions which always precede explosions of communal violence.

Civil strife between Muslims and other communities in Britain. the USA and Europe is EXACTLY what both the Jihadists and Zionists want. The Jihadists because it would push many more young Muslim men into their arms. The Zionists because they want to get us fighting mad so we'll accept them expelling all Palestinians from their ancient homeland, and so we'll do their dirty work in a war against Iran.

All those results will be extremely bad for us in the West, so we need to do everything we can to stop them happening. Closing the gates to any further Muslim immigration, and stopping Israel creating seven million more refugees, would be the best place to start. But that would require having sane and decent people on government, so that's not going to happen.

What we can do, however, is to make it clear that hostility to law-abiding Muslims, and especially women and children, is wrong, cowardly and counter-productive. It may come to war despite all our best efforts and, if it does, we must fight. But let that war not be our fault. Keep your hearts and your hands clean!

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