Cops Protecting Their Own Sex Offenders

Faith in Britain's police continues to drop, and the latest revelations about how they cover up for sex beasts in their own ranks is only going to add to the damage. More than 70 rogue officers have been granted anonymity since 2023 despite committing gross misconduct, including paedophiles and domestic abusers.

Research by MailOnline identified at least 71 police officers found to have committed gross misconduct who have been granted full anonymity in hearings since last January, including those who have committed serious sex offences.

This includes a Met Police officer, known only as Officer A, who admitted to sexually assaulting an eight-year-old girl before joining the force. He was sentenced to 30 months in prison after admitting to counts of indecent assault of a child in court. Despite already having admitted the offence, he remained protected due to reporting restrictions preventing him from being identified.

An analysis of media reports identified 24 anonymous officers found to have committed some form of sexual misconduct, ranging from serious sexual offences to officers pursuing sexual relationships with vulnerable crime victims.

Another 29 officers were allowed to keep their anonymity after sending grossly offensive messages, and a further two officers were found to have domestically abused or used coercive control against former partners.

Other cases which saw rogue officers go unnamed included:

  • A Dorset Inspector who pursued inappropriate relationships with three student officers and sent them 'flirtatious and sexualised' messages;
  • Two Hertfordshire Police officers who had sex with each other on duty on police premises - the female officer later claimed it was rape;
  • A Leicestershire Police officer who sent multiple videos of himself engaging in sex acts to female colleagues;
  • A South Wales Police officer who had sex with a vulnerable domestic abuse victim he had met in the course of his work ten times while on duty - then claimed overtime pay for it;
  • A West Mercia officer who told a colleague he was 'blacking up' for a promotion board and joked 'put a jihad on him' about a senior officer;
  • A Merseyside PCSO who exploited a vulnerable woman for money to fund his gambling problem. 
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