Conscription? Never Again!

For fifty years the politicians have betrayed, abused, belittled and demonised young British men. But now they want to drag us into World War Three, they're appealing to our patriotism and sense of duty to urge us to accept conscription.

Overpaid, desk warrior Generals and politicians - including the bumbling blowhard Covid criminal Boris Johnson - are queuing up to demand that Brits between the ages of 18 and 60 be forced to join a Citizens Army and sent to fight and die in foreign quarrels that have nothing to do with us.

A government-approved Citizens Army to patrol the streets of Britain to keep our girls safe from grooming gangs, or a Citizens Navy to prevent the invasion at Dover - we'd approve of those. But the idea that we should be forced into another 'Great War' slaughter on behalf of LGBTQ-obsessed NATO is nothing short of obscene.

Here's the bottom line: The whole of Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan put together aren't worth the bones of one British soldier or the tears of one British mother. So however much the politicians and their media allies try to use atrocity porn to lie us into war, the BFP position is very simple: "Britons fight for Britain ONLY!"

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