Civil Servants Ordered to Avoid Thought Crime

UK Civil servants have been told to 'think' of transgender colleagues as women in new staff guidance branded as 'woke' by critics.

The diktat by bosses at data watchdog the Information Commissioner's Office suggests that it is not enough to call employees by their chosen gender pronouns.

It says staff can show their support for trans colleagues by 'thinking of the person as being the gender that they want you to think of them as'. 

The ICO upholds information rights and has the power to fine companies caught breaching data laws.

The ICO's Trans Policy and Guidance says its staff should 'be guided by your trans colleague and their preferences' in an effort to support them and they 'must call a person by their chosen or preferred name'. 

It adds: 'ICO staff can support trans colleagues or individuals who are transitioning by... Thinking of the person as being the gender that they want you to think of them as.'

In separate guidance about the menopause, the ICO says: 'The menopause is a natural hormone transition that every woman and some trans men, trans women and non-binary people will experience'.

An ICO spokesman said: 'Treating everyone with dignity, respect and compassion is fundamental to the ICO's work to uphold and protect information rights. 

'Our policies and guidance reflect this commitment to inclusivity for employees in our workplace and to all those we serve.'

Meanwhile, the energy watchdog Ofgem has also been accused of peddling 'nonsense gender theory' to staff.

The regulator's Equity, Diversity and Inclusion strategy says the organisation has an 'overarching focus on intersectionality' [the view that everyone has their own unique experience of discrimination and oppression] and tells staff that they will 'be held accountable for this'.

Talk about invasion of privacy! This is like something out of George Orwell's 1984, telling people they must not commit thought crime.

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