Child Abuse Suspect Jumps to His Death

Good news for taxpayers today! A man about to be arrested over child sex abuse images jumped to his death from a bedroom window in front of police officers. 

Ashley Crews, aged in his 40s, fell from the ninth floor of a tower block on Hamerton Road, in Collyhurst, Manchester, on February 20. Officers had entered his flat to carry out an arrest on suspicion of possessing indecent images of children.

Predictably, all sorts of do-gooders are upset about the nonce topping himself. Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has referred itself to the police watchdog which has launched an independent investigation. 

Coroner Zak Golombeck has raised concerns in a 'prevention of future deaths' report that there is currently no local policy for the use of handcuffs when executing an arrest warrant. 

Writing to the chief coroner, College of Policing, GMP and the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), ahead of a full inquest into Mr Crews' death being held, he said: 'There is concern that future deaths will occur, and I am of the opinion that action should be taken to reduce the risk of death.'

Mr Golombeck said 'attending officers' didn't apply handcuffs and Mr Crews walked to his bedroom after they entered his flat. 'Some' officers are said to have followed him, but he 'was able to open a window and jump out'. 

Good riddance to very bad rubbish!

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