Channel Crossings - Just a Distraction?

Another day, another set of headlines about the 'small boat' migrants arriving at Dover. More than 1,850 migrants crossed the channel in April, making it the busiest month for small boat arrivals so far this year - and dozens more have been seen making the perilous journey today.

Government figures reveal that a total of 5,652 asylum seekers have crossed the Channel in 136 boats to date in 2023, an average of 42 people per vessel.

This month alone has seen 1,859 migrants arrive on British soil by inflatable dinghy or other small craft, making it the busiest this year, and April 22 saw 497 people undertake the perilous journey over a 24-hour period - a record day for 2023 at this stage.

But all the media attention on this scandal very much misses the point: The vast majority of unwanted, illegal and potentially dangerous migrants arriving in the UK don't risk getting wet in the Channel, still less spend time in the squalor of the Calais camps waiting to sneak on lorries.

The mystery is why any do at all, because hundreds of thousands every year simply fly in to our international airports carrying visas as students or tourists, and then simply disappear into Britain's huge 'immigrant communities'.

Once hidden, some claim asylum some buy fake ID and claim benefits, some work in the black economy, while others turn to crime. Paying taxes and contributing isn't an option.

When coming in is really so easy, you have to wonder if the high profile few in the dinghies aren't just there to keep the British people so busy watching and complaining about them that they don't notice the vastly larger number simply walking in through the front door.....

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