Cardinal Slams Genocidal Elite

“Mass immigration is not about helping people but about destroying national identity. They say that national identity is nationalism, which has caused all the wars, so they say they are against nationalism, but they are really against the nation.” 

One of Germany's leading traditional Catholics, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, has slammed the ideologies behind globalism and their dire consequences. 

“If nationalism is the reason for wars, we must ask who is financing the wars and what interests are behind it.” 

The German cardinal told LifeSite News that many globalists believe that there are 'too many' people on Earth who are causing 'climate damage.'

“They want everyone to be completely isolated and not connected by language, culture, family ties, or a native land where you feel at home,” Müller continued. 

“They want to destroy all that. They want everyone to be atomized, without cultural and religious roots and identity,” he concluded. 

Müller also believes the elites are committing a “genocide” by promoting abortion and euthanasia. 

The German cardinal said many globalists believe that there are “too many” people on Earth who are causing “climate damage.” 

“They [the globalists] don’t feel anything about it either. For them, people are just a number… 10,000 less is good for the statistics!” 

The former prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) said that the globalist system is a blend of capitalism and communism. Western globalists are capitalists with a “socialist mindset,” according to Müller. 

“In this system, totalitarianism is merged with materialism,” he stated. 

“And whoever has the most money is in power and controls and pays the media.” 

Müller said that it is well documented by reliable sources that one of the major German newspapers, Der Spiegel, is partly funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Müller echoed the theory first expounded in the Templar book Deus Vult - The Great Reset Resistance,  that climate change and the “green” movement are being used as a “substitute religion,” to which many adhere “instead of spreading the original [Christianity].”  

“The respect for the creature is derived from the belief in the good creator and does not need a catastrophic worldview.” 

Instead of genuinely caring about the environment, the globalists who fly their private jets thousands of times are using the climate agenda to “make a lot of money,” according to the former head of the CDF. 

Moreover, he pointed out that children are being sexualized at an early age to make them addicted and compliant. 

“Sexualization in general and early childhood sexualization in particular is being used to keep people quiet,” Müller said. “They use sexuality like a drug.” 

Müller named several attributes as the key characteristics of today’s globalism: “Materialism, totalitarianism, contempt for humanity, uprooting, and the destruction of people’s identity.” 

For the globalist agenda, the Catholic Church represents an obstacle, and therefore, it must be brought in alignment with globalism, Müller noted.   

The Church “is not just being run over, it’s being turned upside down,” he said. For the globalists to be successful, the Church “has to run in the same direction [as globalism],” Müller stated. 

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