British Police OFFICIALLY lose their marbles!

Two UK police forces have been slammed after they refusing job applications from candidates who ­believe people cannot change biological sex.

A woman who enquired about a role at Norfolk Constabulary was told the job would not be suitable for her because of her 'gender critical' views.

Her application to another force in the southeast was unsuccessful after she made it clear she does not believe a person can physically transition to the opposite sex.

She was told her views would likely fail the behavioural competency test and her views did  not constitute 'the behaviours expected' of a member of the force.

It comes as a police officer of 16 years in her 30s anonymously emailed 26 forces that were advertising for ­future constables asking whether her 'gender critical' views would be a hindrance to her application.

She wrote: 'I must point out that I am gender critical, which means that whilst I am firmly against abuse and discrimination to trans people, I do not believe you can change your biological sex.'

Of the 14 forces that responded, two suggested her application to a constable job would be unsuccessful, including one from her own employer in the southeast.

She responded: 'I'm monumentally outraged that you couldn't get a job doing what I do, and that my own job is in danger, ­because of what I believe – which is a belief that I think most people in this country hold.' 

In response to Norfolk Police advising her views could not be upheld in the force, she said it would not mean that she would act with intolerance or abuse towards transgender people.

She suggested she knew several people who held gender critical views in the force and asked if their jobs would be safe hypothetically.

A recruitment adviser asked her to provide details of gender critical officers so they could be investigated.

It comes after Hertfordshire Police were criticised for putting political correctness ahead of public safety after issuing an appeal for witnesses following a sex attack. 

The force failed to mention that the wanted man was wearing women’s clothing in the attack in Bishop’s Stortford in December.

Who in their right mind would want to join the British police these days after seeing this...

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