British Nationalists Against Foreign Wars

What is the position of the British Freedom Party over the Ukraine war? The same as the position of all genuine nationalists: We would fight to the death to save Britain from foreign invasion, but oppose the shedding of a single drop of British blood, or the spending of a single pound of our tax money, in a foreign quarrel that has NOTHING to do with us.

Our standpoint is 'what issues are of interest to us in the UK?'  Given we have no economic interests and no citizens (other than ignorant and greedy mercenaries - most of them hate-filled Nazis or plain simple morons) in the Ukraine, we therefore have no reason to be involved in a sphere of the world that does not concern us.  What does concern us are the consequences of sanctions (against a country with whom we are at peace) and these are turning out already to be severe.

By imposing sanctions on Russia (but not on the USA for its invasion and bombing of countless countries), the UK and the West generally has in reality imposed sanctions on itself, as well as commencing a programme of starvation upon many nations in Africa, which relied on both Russian and Ukrainian foodstuffs.  We've only seeing the start of this humanitarian disaster so far, but you can bet your life that the liberal elite will soon be using it as the latest excuse for their genocidal Great Replacement immigration flood.

Fuel prices rose sharply after the imposition of sanctions, and so did our energy costs.  The elderly and poor will be unable to afford high energy prices to keep themselves warm this winter.  Many average families will struggle to make ends meet. European industry that relies on cheap gas from Russia is gradually grinding to a halt, confronted with high energy costs and shortages.   The beneficiary is, in particular, the USA, from which European countries will have to buy expensive alternative supplies.  So laughably, the proposal appears to be to stop being dependent upon nearby Russia and instead become dependent upon far-off USA.

The cost of fertilizer has risen for a typical farmer from £200/ton to £1000/ton because of sanctions.  Simultaneously, diesel prices have risen and there is also a shortage of diesel and Diesel Exhaust Fluid.  Many farmers are now unable to afford to plant crops and are searching for alternative uses for their land and some in the UK will return it to nature, availing themselves of the ludicrous public subsidies for so doing.  Those who continue to farm, both in the UK and overseas, will charge multiples of last year's prices, because of massive rises in their costs.

In the West, the cost of living will escalate beyond experience as the year continues, and some nations will impose rationing. Across the world, there will be food riots, starvation and even more migration.

"Britons fight for Britain only" has been a nationalist principle for nearly 100 years. It's ours as well.

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