British Border Police Aid Invasion

Thousands of illegal immigrants are crossing the Channel from France every month - and the UK Border Force is actively helping the invasion.

HM Cutter Seeker — one of the largest in the UK Border Force's fleet — is at the forefront of the farce. The ship and its inflatables pick up dozens of migrants at sea every day. But instead of enforcing the law and dumping them back on the French coast, they simply ferry them to Dover. The illegals - most of them young Muslim or African men - then claim asylum and are released to make their way into Britain and the benefits system.

HM Cutter Seeker — one of the largest in the UK Border Force's fleet — races through the English Channel having plucked 21 migrants from their dinghy

The illegals mainly set off from the new 'Jungle' camp in the Dunes area of Calais, meeting brutal people-smugglers on darkened beaches between Calais and Les Hemmes de Marck.

These professional smugglers reportedly charge up to £5,000 for a seat on an inflatable Zodiac boat, or up to £800 for a kayak. 

Other smugglers have charged up to £11,000 for a place on a boat.

This summer there have been dozens of vessels launching at once. 

On just one day last month, June 3, 166 migrants made the crossing aboard eight vessels — smashing the previous total of 145 on one day the previous month.

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