Bradley Gledhill: Six Muslims convicted of Batley stab murder

Six Muslim men (two of whom have been classed as 'youths') have been convicted of murdering a young white British man by stabbing him to death in a random attack on the streets of Batley, West Yorkshire.

Bradley Gledhill, 20, from Heckmondwike in West Yorkshire, died after being attacked along with two friends on Park Croft in Batley on 21 June 2020.

All three of the young men received significant knife injuries in the assault.

The six people, including two 17-year-olds, convicted of Mr Gledhill's murder following a trial at Leeds Crown Court are due to be sentenced on 30 July.

Leeds Crown Court heard Mr Gledhill and his two friends had come across their attackers by chance and there was no evidence to suggest they had planned to meet or had any contact before.

Mr Gledhill died from his injuries despite attempts to save him by police and paramedics and receiving first aid from local residents.

Usman Karolia, 19, of Lime Tree Avenue, Batley, was convicted of one count of murder, one of attempted murder and one count of a section 18 wounding.

Ahmed Karolia, 24, of Lime Tree Avenue, Batley, and Nabeel Naseer, 18, of Gordale Close, Dewsbury, were convicted of one count of murder and one count of attempted murder.

Raja Nawaz, 19, of Longfield Road, Heckmondwike, was convicted of one count of murder.

Two 17-year old youths, who cannot be named as the courts deem them to be 'children', were also both convicted of one count of murder.

Speaking after the convictions, Det Ch Insp Vanessa Rolfe, from West Yorkshire Police, said after a lengthy trial the force welcomed the result.

"Our thoughts are with Bradley's family and friends and with the other victims of these six, now we have reached the end of what will have been a draining and very emotional few weeks for them."

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