Boycott Asda Fuel Over Price Rip-Off

All the supermarkets have stolen £Millions from motorists by failing to pass on wholesale price cuts, but Asda is the worst of the lot.

Asda has been fined £60,000 by the Competition and Markets Authority for failing to co-operate properly with a CMA probe into fuel prices, after an investigation found competition at the pumps had “weakened” as supermarkets deliberately drove up profit margins.

The regulator’s final report in its year-long investigation into the fuel market was published earlier this week, with a separate probe on competition in groceries prices set to follow in the next few weeks.

Asda was hit with two £30,000 fines for failing to respond properly to a request for information and for sending a representative to an interview who wasn’t able to answer questions about the supermarket’s pricing activities.

The report found competition in the supermarket fuel sector had been hit as Asda and Morrisons increased margins on fuel while Tesco and Sainsbury’s priced by comparison to local competitors rather than in response to cost movements in the market.

The actions led to shoppers paying 6p per litre more than they could have, the probe found.

While the supermarkets are all guilty, Asda were clearly the worst. So now it's up to motorists to! pay them back. And it's EASY! Just boycott the Asda rip-off stations. Even if it costs a couple of pence per litre more to drive home the point, it's worth it. Because financial loss is the only thing thes greedy pigs understand

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