Bonkers Britain: Neighbour Calls Police on Wake

Britons have already starting snitching on each other over perceived breaches of the coronavirus ‘rule of six’, with one woman grassing on people at a wake in a pub garden.

Ministers this week had urged members of the public to inform on their neighbours if they were suspected of gathering in groups of larger than six. Home Secretary Priti Patel even said that two families bumping into each other in the street and stopping for a chat could be against the law.

One woman thought that it was her “public duty” to inform on a group of mourners at a wake in the garden of a pub in Wigston, Leicestershire.

Police officers visited the Old Crown on Wednesday unannounced after calling the pub landlady Sue Humphries twice to check that groups of mourners were not getting too close to each other, according to The Mirror. Police asked some groups be moved from the back of the pub to the front, but otherwise, the landlady said, they believed that no rules had been broken.

The informant justified calling the police on the some 30 people gathering to mark the passing of a loved one, telling the newspaper on Thursday: “I was concerned at what I saw.

“There appeared to be a large group of people drinking outside the pub and they looked quite close to each other.

“I felt I had to alert the police in case rules were being broken.

“I felt it was my public duty to report this and I would do the same again.”

She had also admitted to taking video footage of the mourners.

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