Be A Good Snow Neighbour!

As winter tightens its grip on Britain, it's time for Nationalists step up and turn our principles and ideals in practice. Nationalism is about seeing the Nation as an extended family; it's about community and looking after our own.

The harsh weather is especially dangerous this year, when Nato sanctions against Russian gas and oil and adding to the impact of years of 'green agenda' government sabotage of our energy industry. The resulting surge in the prices of electricity, gas, heating oil and coal means that shocking numbers of pensioners and young families really are having to chose between heating and eating. For older folk lucky enough not to be living in poverty, there is still the added danger of having to go out on untreated pavements and roads to get essential supplies.

So those of us who are fit and healthy need to step up at this time and look out for neighbours who may need help. It may be something as small as getting them a pint of milk and half-a-dozen eggs from the shop, or a potential life-saver such as finding out that their heating has broken down and getting them to safety while arranging with the authorities to get it fixed. In between, there are a hundred and one things that might help, from taking round a flask of hot soup to clearing snow off their path before it gets trodden down and turned into treacherous ice.

We encourage all our readers and supporters to look around for those who may need help, and then take action. Thank you for caring!

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