BBC's Latest Paedo Shame

The BBC has infamously encouraged the removal of all sorts of historic statues on account of claims that they honour 'Dead White Males' deemed guilty of colonialism, racism and sexism. But the Beeb is poised to spend another shedload of licence-payers' money protecting the paedophile statue sculpted by a self-confessed sexual deviant which stands guard over the main doorway into Corporation HQ in Central London.

The BBC is moving to protect a controversial statue by paedophile sculptor Eric Gill after it was vandalised. 

Bosses at the corporation have lodged a planning application for a protective screen after carrying out costly repairs to the Prospero and Ariel carving. 

The statue, which is displayed on the outside of the BBC's London headquarters, has been attacked by protestors twice in the last two years.

Campaigners against sexual abuse have been left outraged by the decision and called on corporation bosses to remove the statue, which shows Ariel as a naked child, given its connection to Gill who wrote about abusing his daughters in his diaries

In planning documents, Mark Fewster, the BBC's corporate security manager, said: 'The question must be if the guard force is physically unable to prevent someone from accessing the statue for any similar future attempt what is the solution?

'A protective screen has been proposed which, if designed and installed correctly, should prevent access, to all but the most determined of adversary.'

Eric Gill was one of the most respected artists of the 20th century when he died in 1940.

However his diaries, published in 1989, revealed that he regularly abused his daughters Betty and Petra, as well as the family dog. 

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