Batley School teacher received DEATH THREATS over Mohammed cartoon

An RE teacher has been suspended from his role at Batley School in West Yorkshire for showing students a picture of the Islamic 'prophet' Mohammed.

A crowd of furious Muslims have been protesting outside the British school and the suspended teacher has received death threats.

Police were called to the historic Batley Grammar School in West Yorkshire which had to delay its opening and told pupils to stay at home amid chaotic scenes at its gates.

A police officer called to the school read out an apology written by the Head Master confirming the RE teacher has been suspended.

This school was founded in 1612 by a Christian, the Reverend William Lee.

Now 75% of pupils are from 'minority ethnic groups'.

The angry mob were demanding that the teacher is sacked and were shouting at the police who read out the Head Teacher's apology "it's not good enough".

The RE teacher had to be escorted by police from the school and has now received death threats from angry Muslims for this 'breach of Sharia Law'.

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