The enormous increase of childhood vaccine regimens has dramatically increased the rates of autism, which in turn may explain the rise in transgenderism as those going forward for such damaging treatments tend have this disorder. This is the stark message from Dr. Peter McCullough, an eminent cardiologist and prominent critic of the COVID medical establishment, 

Addressing the annual meeting of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons on October 27, the epidemiologist pulled together the threads of this huge Big Pharma crime against the next generation:

“We know that there’s been an acceleration of the vaccine schedule with no attention to safety of the combined products,” he explained providing multiple reports for backup. “And now we had very good data from one study demonstrating that once we got to multiple vaccines in combination, the rates of autism began to come up in the United States.”

While the exact cause of autism remains elusive, the epidemiologist observed that when he was a child the rate was 1 in 10,000 and now it is 1 in 36. “The biggest change that’s occurred with the immune system is hyper-vaccination of our children. When I was born, there were five shots. A kid today faces 180.”

Furthermore, McCullough named five studies that show “going natural with no shots during childhood” equates to “better outcomes” including “lower rates of asthma, allergic dermatitis… attention deficit disorder, Asperger’s disease and autism.”

Therefore, “it’s safer to take no shots based on contemporary analysis.”

Regarding to the LGBT phenomenon, with the exponentially increased rates of autism, it remains relevant that high percentages of individuals “going forward for transgender surgery tend to have autism,” which is supported by multiple studies.

And further studies show that “transgender programs increase the burden of psychiatric care. They don’t reduce it. They increase it,” he explained.

Citing another paper in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), McCullough summarized that so-called transgender medicine “increases mortality for homicide, suicide and other causes.”

“Transgender medicine is bad medicine. Period. And it should have been banned everywhere. We shouldn’t even have a ban because no ethical doctor would perform bad medicine,” he said.

Thus, in summary, “we have twin epidemics of autism and related transgenderism. The vast majority of kids volunteering their bodies to change gender have autism or autism spectrum disorder. You have to realize that they are being preyed upon and they are being indoctrinated,” he concluded.

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