Ashford Racist Attack - the Untold Truths

The huge media fuss over the racist attack on a black schoolgirl in Ashford, Kent, is notable not only because of the contrast with the media's total silence over the epidemic of racist attacks of white youngsters.

Video footage of the fight was shared online and showed a gang of children encouraging two or three girls hitting, kicking and tearing nine braids from the victim's head close to Thomas Knyvett College on Monday.

Extensive coverage has also been given to the big protest by black activists from the organisation Forever Family, dressed in stab vests with paramilitary-style uniforms. Leftist groups are using the incident as an excuse for even more hysteria about alleged 'white racism'.The angry black protester have staged a rally near the the homes of a group they believe to be responsible for the attack on the 15-year-old black girl - as rapper Dave calls for the school's teachers to be sacked.

The media coverage has also failed to point out that the incident started with the black girl fighting with and beating up a smaller pupil, and that most of the ensuing scuffle involved just one of the original victim's friends going to her aid and turning the tables.

The biggest omission of all, however, is the fact that the accents of the crowd urging the girls to beat their victim show that the attackers were Irish travellers. So the disgraceful scenes were not about 'white racism' at all. The whole incident was about one favoured 'minority' clashing with another one. It was, in short, nothing at all to do with the indigenous English or British.

There are, of course, lessons to be learnt from the ethnic solidarity shown by both sides in the affair, as well as the media's selective and dishonest reporting. Not to mention the fact that any white organisation which dressed in paramilitary clothing to turn out to demand justice for white victims and to try to organise our community would immediately be arrested for breaking the Public Order laws against paramilitary organisation. One for for us......


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