Another Reason to Reject Conscription

The entire political class is spoiling for a war with Russia. As part of their preparations for that, they're starting to push for military conscription for all young men, and perhaps young women too. Whenever they've done this in the past, they've promised the cannon fodder a "Land fit for Heroes" for those who come back. anyone who is tempted to believe this lie this time around just needs to look at their treatment of Ben McBean.

Ben is a double-amputee ex-Royal Marine dubbed a 'hero' by Prince Harry and the Invictus Games after losing his arm and leg in Afghanistan has been refused a blue badge because he 'doesn't officially meet the criteria'.

Ben, now 36, from Plymouth, was hit by a landmine blast in Helmand Province in 2008 at the age of just 20.

The father-of-two was initially handed a blue badge after returning to the UK before council bosses revoked it after seeing him use a prosthetic blade to run the London Marathon in aid of Help For Heroes.

'It's weird, when I first got one back in 2008 when I was injured I was just given one. 

'When I ran the London Marathon a year later for Help for Heroes they took it off me because I had proved I could run, basically.

'So I didn't have one for 13 years and then Johnny Mercer luckily stepped in and got me my badge back. That lasted two or three years and then the date ran out.

'I've just tried to renew it and today I got an email saying it was unsuccessful.'

He added online that he did not 'meet the criteria' in terms of his Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

Plymouth Council's website states that people only qualify automatically for a blue badge if they have a 'higher rate mobility component' of DLA. 

Mr McBean had been expected to die on his flight home from Afghanistan after sustaining the near-fatal injuries - but is still not deemed to have the right level of disability.

The veteran also broke his ankle on Remembrance Sunday, which means he is even less mobile than he usually would be on one leg. 

War? Let the politicians sign up or send their own sons! Conscription? Anyone proposing it should be chased off every street and out of every meeting by crowds of angry parents!

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