Angry Brides Protest in Rome

A number of protests were held throughout Rome by a group of angry brides wearing wedding dresses.

The women staged a furious protesting front of the Trevi fountain in Rome whilst holding white parasols and matching white face masks.

The rally was held against the postponement of their marriages because of the dubious coronavirus lockdown.

Protests were also held outside parliamentary buildings along with other industry businesses affected by lockdown including musicians, caterers and venue owners.

The demonstration, which was organised by an Italian wedding association, has been dubbed the 'flashmob of the singles or unmarried ones'. 

Women marched through the streets in white stilettos holding signs that translated as 'weddings without restrictions', 'you broke our marriages' and 'church doors closed to weddings'.

Marriage ceremonies had been banned in Italy for around two months.

However, officials at Rome's City Hall made an exception for anyone who booked a 'civil wedding ceremony' (not held in a Church) before lockdown began.  

Religious ceremonies have now been given permission to resume subject to social distancing measures and the wearing of face masks and gloves.

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