Andrew Tate - Muslim Conman!

Andrew Tate is relentlessly promoted by long-term Zionist shill Tommy Robinson and various other grifters. But don't you think it's strange that 'Tommeh' and his mates all claim to oppose the Islamisation of Britain, but that Tate himself is an aggressively anti-Christian MUSLIM?

Tate's twitter feed is packed with three subjects: 1) How Great is Tate - with his 'riches' overwhelmingly being expensive cars and steroidal muscles; 2) How all the accusations against Tate are false - despite the fact that he's admitted to much of what he's accused of, and 3) How Allah is a great schemer and other Koran-based statements.

On July 17th, for example, Tate used his blue-ticked Twitter feed to post a reply to a British patriot's tweet which bemoaned the fact that London's famous Trocadero building is to be turned into a mosque. After crowing about what a famous landmark it is, Tate went on to post:

"The only alternative to Islam for the brits are pride flags as they no longer have any innate culture or patriotism.

"Allah is the best of planners and I look forward to seeing The Islamic republic of Great Britistan in her final form.

"Alhamdulillah Britain will be fully Islamic soon."

That's all any of us need to see and know about Andrew Tate. The whole question of whether he is innocent or guilty of any, some or all of the charges brought against him by the Romanian authorities is completely irrelevant. Andrew Tate is a Muslim, who wants to see Britain become an 'Islamic Republic' and who constantly encourages impressionable younng boys not only to detest and molest young women, but also to become Muslims.

In a word, Andrew Tate is SCUM. And anyone who expresses sympathy for him and promotes hi is SCUM as well. Don't ever forget that!

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