Amnesty for Illegals, Betrayal for Brits

Another day, another pathetic government surrender on the migration front!

Nearly 10,000 small-boat migrants who reached Britain in the past four months were last night handed an 'amnesty' from the Government's tough new immigration measures.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman had previously promised that any migrants who arrived since March by 'irregular' routes – such as on dinghies across the Channel – would be barred from making asylum claims.

But in a major concession to get the Government's Illegal Migration Bill through Parliament, it will now apply only to migrants who reach the UK after the legislation gains Royal Assent.

So that's another 10,000 totally unvetted illegals, the vast majority of them young males of military age, who destroyed their passports and ideentity documents as they reached Soft Touch Britain. So much for "taking back control"!

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