Albanian rapper makes 'instruction videos' on how to sneak into Britain illegally

Posing next to expensive cars and in swanky drinking establishments, Dijonis Biba obviously has no problem showing off his flashy lifestyle.

But the Albanian rapper's bragging does not stop there. For Biba, 20, has also been using 'instruction videos' on YouTube to boast about his knowledge of how to sneak into Britain illegally.

His guides, which have been viewed more than 100,000 times, include tips on using fake IDs, airports where these false documents will not be detected and claiming asylum.

Originally from northern Albania, he has a huge following in his homeland on social media. Biba has posted pictures of himself drinking at the top of The Shard, wearing designer clothes and standing in front of sports cars. The hip-hop star also hosts nightly online chats from London.

Biba openly describes how he came to Britain illegally and would be removed if discovered. In one video, originally recorded on his Instagram account and then reposted on YouTube, he used a Google map to show the route a friend took to England using a fake Italian ID.

It involved travelling from Albania to Barcelona and then by bus to a small Spanish airport which the Daily Mail has decided not to name. Biba said: 'This airport is not used by many people to get to the UK. Buy a ticket online and get a taxi [to] bring you to the airport.

'Walk slowly as you approach the entrance gate and use the ticket bar code on the phone. Then walk to the control on the scanner. Then you go to the most important place where you have to show your ID.

'You should be smiling like an Italian guy. In this airport your ID will show as real despite it being faked.' He then pointed to a specific part of the airport and added: 'This is the place where the aeroplane... is parked, then up in the air.' The video, posted on May 17, has racked up more than 70,000 views.

In a video from September last year, which has been watched 30,000 times, he described how to use Ireland as a back door to get into the UK using fake Romanian ID cards.

'Get fake cards and get from Spain then do Dublin. When you get to Dublin claim asylum then you get another fake ID costing you 300 euros then on [an] aeroplane to London.'

Answering questions from a viewer, Biba explained he was in London although was considering returning to France. He said he got his own fake Romanian passport from a friend.

And when a viewer asked whether he would get caught, the rapper said if so he would be deported back to Dublin where they took his fingerprints when he arrived. When approached for comment, Biba said: 'I still don't care.'

Earlier this year the Mail exposed an Albanian human trafficker who was exploiting an 'easy-peasy' back-door route into Britain via Dublin using fake documents. Kledjan Kurtaj, who charged up to £2,000 a time, brazenly advertised his illegal route on Facebook.

YouTube has refused to remove the videos, claiming they do not violate the site's policies. It insisted the clips shared Biba's experience entering a country but did not offer services or detailed information to help transit or border crossing.

Alp Mehmet, of Migration Watch UK, said: 'This really is outrageous. It's time that social media companies cooperated in the fight against this menace rather than giving air time to sneering crooks like Biba.'

Source: The Daily Mail

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