"Power Cut" Warnings Expose UK Energy Sabotage

The UK media today is full of reports about a massive "wall of snow" threatening to engulf the North and Midlands on Thursday. So bad will this be, the press and TV claim, that we have to expect power cuts as well as major travel disruption. Temperatures will drop as the week goes on, with a yellow snow warning issued which covers much of Wales as well as northern and central England, the Met Office says.

But look a little closer and a rather different picture emerges.

The threatened band of heavy snow could produce as much as eight inches possible in upland areas, but most of the country faces just one or two inches in total. Furthermore, it is only expected to last a few hours, before giving way to rain and a thaw. So far from being some major "snow event", the forecast at present is for a brief snowy interlude in an otherwise mild winter.

So why are we being told to expect power cuts? Middle aged Brits will remember some bitter winters, but the only time that power cuts coincided with snow was if gale force winds or days of freezing fog brought down powerlines. Other than that, unless there was a miners' strike, the power supply was always completely reliable.

What's changed? The decision of the political elite to sabotage our entire energy industry. that's what. They've scrapped coal power stations, drastically scaled back on gas and allowed the steady shrinkage of our nuclear generation capacity. In the place of these highly reliable energy sources, we now have to rely on wind and solar power, topped up with exepsnive electricity imported from France.

Naturally, overcast weather and even a thin coating of snow on solar panels slashes the amount of 'alternative' energy being produced. Unless the snow comes with 'Goldilocks' wind conditions, the result is a crash in the amount of power available - just when people are turning up their heating to cope with the cold.

The fact that a forecast of little more than 12 hours of snow now comes with a warning of power cuts just shows how much damage the elite's obsession with 'carbon' and unreliable 'renewables' has already done to our energy. Expect it to get much worse. You'll own nothing, and shiver all winter!

The snow will ease later in the day, and may turn back to rain or drizzle, especially in the south and eas

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