'Child' migrant stopped at Swedish border is actually a SIXTY-YEAR-OLD woman

A woman in her sixties tried to enter Sweden by claiming she is a 'child migrant'.

The woman, who was stopped at the Swedish border, had lied about her age so she could visit her mother.

She claimed she was a child so that she could get around Sweden's strict border controls.

Under current coronavirus restrictions, entry into Sweden is only granted for specific reasons, which includes children under the age of 18 visiting their parents. 

Her plan was to enter Sweden from Denmark by claiming to be a child.

When she arrived at the Öresund bridge border near Malmö, the woman tried to claim she was a child, but failed to convince border control staff.

Linnea Lokind, a border police officer, stopped the woman, stating that she was 40 years too old to be classed as a child.

'I had to explain to her that she stopped being a child when she was 18,' Lokind told Swedish broadcaster SVT.   

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