54 years of abortion - 9,789,238 lives lost since 1967

Today, 27th October, marks the 54th anniversary of the Abortion Act receiving royal assent.  

Since then, a staggering 9,789,238 unborn babies have lost their lives to abortion across England, Wales and Scotland — in 2020, more than one baby was killed by abortion every two and a half minutes, thats 25 babies murdered every hour.

In 1968, the year the Act came into effect, there were 23,641 abortions in England and Wales. This rose to 54,819 the next year.

Over 1 in 4 (25.2%) pregnancies in England and Wales now end in abortion, according to the most recent Government statistics. 

The number of abortions in England and Wales reached a record high with 210,860 taking place in 2020, while the number of abortions performed in Scotland was the second-highest on record at 13,815.

In March 2020 ‘DIY’ home abortions became available to expectant mothers in England and Wales, and Scotland. 

Women and girls can take both pills to end the life of their child up to 10 weeks (9 weeks and 6 days) in their own homes.

New and radical abortion legislation in Northern Ireland, imposed upon the region by the Government in Westminster, allows sex-selective abortion, de facto abortion on demand up to 24 weeks and disability-selective abortion right up to birth – including for Down’s syndrome, cleft lip and club foot.

In July it was revealed that 1,624 terminations have already taken place under the new regime, despite the fact that the Northern Ireland Department of Health has not officially commissioned abortion ‘services’.

Currently in England, Scotland and Wales, the law singles out babies with disabilities such as cleft lip, club foot and Down’s syndrome, and allows terminations right up to the point of birth. However, there is a 24-week time limit for most abortions that are carried out when a baby does not have a disability. 

Early last year, it was revealed that over 60% of England’s abortion clinics are rated inadequate or requiring improvement when it comes to safety.

The investigation also discovered ‘DIY’ home abortion pills can easily be obtained and administered to others, potentially in a coercive manner.

In May 2020, it was revealed UK police were investigating the death of an unborn baby after its mother took ‘DIY’ home abortion pills while 28 weeks pregnant.

In addition, abortion provider BPAS said they were investigating a further eight cases of women taking ‘DIY’ home abortion pills beyond the 10-week limit.

Despite the significant rise in safety abuses and other scandals, abortion providers and their bosses continue to be well compensated by the UK taxpayer through Government contributions, with abortion provider MSI Reproductive Choices’ chief executive earning £434,500 in 2018.

The accounts also show the abortion provider had an income of almost £300 million from operations here in the UK and overseas, receiving over £48 million in 2020 from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), formerly the Department for International Development (DfID), who remain the single largest donor.

BFP leader, Jayda Fransen has lamented the loss of almost 10 Million children who have been killed since the UK Abortion Act received royal assent on 27th October 1967.
Jayda said: "Abortion is murder and the rate at which expectant mothers in the UK are killing their unborn babies is nothing short of a genocide."
“It is an outrageous indictment on this nation that, since the passing of the Abortion Act in 1967, killing ones own child has been normalised to the point where one in four babies are being killed in the womb”.
“Abortion is a vicious and excruciating act in which unborn babies are literally torn limb from limb in an agony they cannot yet express, in some cases this barbarism is legal up to the point of birth”.
"Official figures show that 10,000,000 of our people do not exists as a direct result of the legalisation of abortion 54 years ago, in reality, the figure is closer to 15,000,000"
“A nation that legalises the genocide of its own people, by butchering them to death in the womb, will inevitably feel the wrath of God”.
"Today, and every day, we must remember the innocent lives that have been taken at the hands of wicked abortionists and do our best to ensure our daughters and theirs are taught the real horrors of this heinous and satanic industry".
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