30,000 Muslims mob Birmingham park for 'Eid'

Look at the state of Birmingham today...

A crowd of 30,000 Muslims congregated in a park in Birmingham park to celebrate 'Eid'.

in 1961 there were only 50,000 Muslims and 7 Mosques in Britain.

Now 30,000 Muslims can gather in just ONE Birmingham park.

We currently have over 5,000,000 Muslims and over 2,000 Mosques in our country.

This is an Islamic takeover.

Thanks to our liberal Government - whether Tory or Labour - our country is rapidly turning into an Islamic caliphate.

There is only ONE solution to this impending doom, and that is the revival of British Nationalism.

Only by restoring traditional values and building strong communities of our OWN people, will the indigenous peoples of Britain survive what is to come.

Join the ONLY party that is providing an ACTUAL SOLUTION to the Islamification of Britain - for the SURVIVAL of our people!




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