110 direct flights from India have landed in UK since it was put on 'red list'

It has emerged that more than 100 direct flights from India have landed in the UK since it was placed on the Government's banned list of countries last month.

This means that up to 8,000 travellers have flown in from the subcontinent despite concern over that the 'Indian covid variant' will cause the UK to delay the easing of the national lockdown. 

Flights from India have continued to land in Britain at a rate of 4.5 per day in the three and a half weeks since the Asian country was added to the UK's red list of destinations, according to an analysis of flight data by LBC.

The UK banned direct flights from 11 other red list nations including Brazil and South Africa, but it did not ban direct flights from India when it was placed on the list.

Direct flights into the UK are also allowed from neighbouring Pakistan and Bangladesh, both red list countries. 

Boris Johnson looks set to announce the delaying of his 'roadmap out of lockdown' for the UK due to the spread of the 'Indian covid variant'.

June 21st was announced to be the date that the UK are no longer subject to the draconian restrictions that have been in place for over a year, but it has been said that the chances of that date being met now are 'all but nil'.

Whilst flights continue to land in the UK from India, Britons must brace themselves for yet another lockdown.

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